The Gallery sells more contemporary ceramic art on the New York resale market than Christies, Sotheby’s and Phillips combined. The gallery insures the work for all risks while it is in our possession. We handle individual objects and entire collections but as the premier gallery in our field, only accept work that of a high quality and by major artists. We charge a commission of 30% on the net sale price and handle sales with the utmost discretion. The easiest way to begin a dialogue is to send us photographs of the work for sale (snapshots are fine so are jpegs transmitted by email) with appropriate information: artist, title, year, dimensions (very important) and condition if there has been any damage. Please visit the Back Room of our website to browse through an important collection of masterworks.
The Garth Clark Gallery can only do appraisals of ceramic artwork for insurance purposes. We will not do any appraisals for IRS gift deductions. We can put you in touch with appraisers who are experienced in working with the IRS. Appraisals to update insurance values of work that has been purchased from the gallery are done free as a service to our clients, provided we have an ongoing relationship with that artist or their market. Other appraisals are done on an hourly basis ($100 per hour) and the fee depends upon the research involved. In case of the appraised work being sold by the gallery that fee will be waived.
Some gallery artists accept commissions. Some are for private homes and may be intimate such as work that fits a particular niche; others can be vast public works covering hundreds of square feet. Kindly understand that our artists make work in their own aesthetic and will not carry out designs by others.

Commissions are usually contracted as follows. The client requests a commission giving the artist a clear sense of the scale and dynamics of the proposed work. The artist will then cost out the project and provide a drawing, maquette or model. A fee will be agreed for this early stage which is payable whether or not the proposal is accepted. Artists will work with the client in adjusting certain ideas at this stage. Once the project is agreed a contract is signed and the artist will receive a deposit of 25-50% depending upon the scale and costs of the project. The balance will be payable at the completion of the contract.

The gallery has a strict policy of informing buyers if any works have, to our knowledge, been conserved. If a work has been damaged and conserved, it may not lose any value at all, provided it is a major work, the conservation has been done to museum standards as set by the American Institute for Conservation, that over-painting is minimal, and if the damage was not extensive.

Conservation costs range from $300 to thousands of dollars depending upon the complexity of the project. Here are a few pointers if a work in your collection suffers damage: do not under any circumstances try and glue a broken ceramic together. Most domestic adhesives will stain the work and increase the cost of professional conservation. Collect every fragment from the break that you can, making sure that you have not missed any pieces, as they have to be replicated which can be costly and reduce the value of the work. Lastly, make sure to wrap the work securely and safely to avoid further damage. The gallery will only advise on and/or accept works for conservation by one of our conversation associates for current clients. Others should approach the AIC for recommendations and referrals:

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