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Students will be exposed to a wide gamut of media and techniques that will enable them to freely choose how and when to use each of them to best develop and solidify their visual vocabulary.

Students will be exposed to a multicultural and international visual dialogue.

Students will learn how to decipher the moral and ethical values concealed in works of arts, while embedding them in the particularity of the artist’s beliefs and artistic politics.  They will learn that to fully comprehend any work of art (event) it is essential to contextualize it in the historical period and particular circumstances in which it was made (it took place).

Students will learn that art history is a continuum, fragmented by no breaks, uninterrupted by no events, and isolated by no boundaries. The art historical dialogue is an organic component of the larger entwined discourse that embraces the whole history of humankind: to fully understand the former, one must place it within the contextualization of the latter.

Students will be able to produce artworks that address specific contemporary issues or topics of particular significance to the student’s individuality.

Students will learn to write an artist’s statement.

Students will learn to write a curatorial reviews of art exhibitions.

Students will learn how to curate an art show.